Meet Nacho – Pet of the Week

Submitted by the Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor

Hi there, my name’s Nacho, and just like the delicious food I’m named after, you’re gonna wanna eat me up, I’m so cute! Other than my dashing good looks (I’m an orange tabby after all), I bring to the table the quintessential “bad boy vibes.” But not too worry, not bad like really bad, but more “bad” in the way that people so often like to take on as a project; “a fix-me guy,” if you will.

The first part of any “fix-me guy” is their bachelor pad, and boy do I have that. You can find me there, in my solo area, on the catio of APS-FH’s Community Cat Room 1! You’ll notice it’s a bit messy, but like any good bachelor, I’m open to some molding. I know with some good oversight and practice, I can be a clean boy too, and can cohabitate when I find the right person(s), who is worth changing my bachelor ways for!

Like any good bachelor looking for love, I am full of personality and am quite the charmer when need be. Not everyone will understand my croaky conversation, my affectionate love bites, or my good-hearted bad-boy persona, but I’m hopeful that that will all change with my Pet of the Week feature. Word on the shelter-streets is that these features reach far and wide (via newspaper, and social media) and that sometimes an animal will find its forever home in the same week of their feature. When you’re alone in a shelter for too long it can feel overwhelming, but it’s with this Pet of the Week feature, and my optimism for my future that I forge ahead. I hope to soon put my bachelor days behind me, and spend my life as part of a family (of 1 or many humans) who loves me for all that I am, and who I can give all my love to in return!

About Nacho

Age: ~2 years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Orange Tabby

Origin: Eastern Washington

Weight: ~10 lbs

Personality: Jack-of-All-Trades, scruffy-in-a-cute-way, vocal

Energy Level: I’m a go-with-the-flow kind of guy; I can have lots of energy, or be more laid back, all depends on the scenario I find myself in!

Likes: Canadian tuxedos, love bites, sports

Dislikes: Bees, being charged extra for guac, stuffy noses

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