Meet Mea – Pet of the Week

Submitted by The Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor

Hi I’m Mea! I’m a 9-month-old German Shepherd/Lab mix full of love and life! I am happy-go-lucky and so much fun! I’m floppy and bouncy at the same time! I absolutely adore getting cuddles and affection from all my favorite people (which is basically everyone!). I could sit and stare into your eyes lovingly for hours and hours. I am so appreciative of all the pets and kisses I can get, so much so that I prefer that over treats most of the time!

All my animal and human friends say I am the most fun to play with! They all love to play with me and have fun in the yard.. well except cats, they don’t like to play with me because I play too rough with them. They are not my biggest fans so I would do best in a house without them. I am a great player with other dogs though so I would do great with the right brother or sister. I love humans and play great with them too, so even if I don’t have siblings, I would be happy just spending time and playing with my humans.

My human friends also say I am super smart! I love to learn and am very eager to impress you by learning new tricks and commands quickly. I am not much of a chewer, which is impressive considering my age and breed! I am happy to do whatever task you set me to, or I can keep myself busy when you are. I’m pretty much perfect!

I’m an all-around bouncy, bubbly, baby girl with so much love to give! I can’t wait to bunny-hop and kiss my way into your heart and my furever home

About Mea

Origin: San Juan Island

Weight: 80 lbs

Personality: Lovebug, party girl, intelligent

Energy Level: Medium-High

Likes: Praise, Playgoups, cuddle time

Dislikes: Being bored, chickens

Age: 9 months old

Sex: Female

Breed: German Shepherd/Lab Mix

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