Meet DJ Mittens | Pet of the Week

Submitted by the Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor

Hey there! Although I’m new to the APS-FH scene, I’m not so new to the music scene, where I’m known by my stage name, DJ Mittens. Pretty much since birth, I’ve been musically inclined, and DJing gives me the perfect opportunity to spread joy through music. In my humble opinion, there are just a few things as good as when a room full of animals or people are compelled to dance because of the music you’re putting together and playing. It’s my hope that music will always play a big part in my life, but with me temporarily living at APS-FH, my priorities are shifting from tour dates to finding permanent housing.

Finding housing isn’t easy for anyone, and that’s true whether you’re an animal like me or a human being. It also seems to be true no matter where you live, and unfortunately, the island isn’t immune to this struggle. When I was busy touring, I didn’t have enough time in one place to realize how tough it can be, but now that I’m in search of a permanent home, with a permanent family, I can already see the challenges that may lie ahead. Now that I’ve decided I want more than just a life on the road, how long will I have to wait to find a home and a family that’s all mine?

If you’re interested in meeting me, potentially making space in your home and heart for me, and maybe even making music together, come to APS-FH and find me!

About DJ Mittens

Age: ~10 months old

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Orange Tabby

Origin: Okanogan, Washington

Weight: ~10 lbs

Personality: Attentive, life of the party, talkative

Energy Level: Dependent on the venue, but mostly I’m still young and full of energy

Likes: Karaoke, moving my body, perfectly curated playlists

Dislikes: Pimples, scratched records, silence

To fill out an application visit