Meet Cricket – Pet of the Week

Submitted by The Animal Protection Society – Friday Harbor

Hi, I’m Cricket! Although I’m a cat, the thing I share with my insect namesake is that I can often be heard before being seen. The signature chirping of crickets is the males calling out for a mate, and although I’m male too, my croaky-voiced-calls aren’t for mating anymore (I’m neutered!), but are instead me trying to get the attention I so crave.

With the help of Okandogs Regional Humane, I arrived at APS-FH at the start of May. Before arriving in Friday Harbor, I was living in a shelter in Eastern Washington for a little over a month. So far in my journey, multiple rescue organizations have worked together to try and give me a second chance at life. Although they don’t know much about my history before shelter life, what they have all realized quickly by getting to know me, is how easy it is to fall in love with me. I’m not even trying to sound cocky, I promise I’m not like that! But I hear what they all say: that I’m so cute, so sweet, so personable, so charming. Which brings me back to my croaky-voiced calls. I use them to try and make friends, I use them to bring some company to me, I use them because I feel so much better when among the people I love. Right now those people that I love are the shelter staff, volunteers, and community members who all come in and out of our rooms daily. They bring with them so many hands for petting me, so many ears for listening to my stories, so many laps for sitting, and so many happy feelings. But sadly, they always have to leave. I understand it, but it’s hard. I hope that someday soon someone that walks into my room will be the one(s) for me. The person(s) that not only falls in love with me, but that they make space for me in their hearts, homes, and lives.

Until I find them, I’ll keep my croaky calls coming, my greasy-yet-endearing coat looking sharp, my heart open, and my optimism up! I know my person(s) is out there. Can you help me find them by sharing my story? Thank you! And while we wait for my person(s) to arrive, you can always come into APS-FH’s Senior Suite anytime they’re open to say hello!

About Cricket

Age: ~ Five years old

Sex: Male

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Origin: Eastern Washington

Weight: ~11 lbs

Personality: Communicative, engaging, inclusive

Energy Level: I’m still young, and happily active! Plus, I like going anywhere people go, so my energy level needs to be ready to match theirs.

Likes: Beautiful Vvews, being a lap cat, biscuit-making

Dislikes: Ear muffs, espresso, exclusion

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