Meet Charley, the first San Juan County dog license recipient for 2019

Submitted by San Juan County

Charley Goddu, a 10-year-old poodle mix, received the first dog license of 2019 at the San Juan County Auditor’s Office. Charley, a former rescue dog, was adopted in 2015 by Peter Goddu and Margaret Langlie at the Skagit Humane Society.

Charley is one of the friendliest dogs in town. He greets everyone with an enthusiastic tail wag and full-body wiggle. He works at his parents’ office as the manager of client relations and office morale. Clients routinely ask whether Charley will be available for a visit before booking appointments. Charley’s hobbies include kayaking, hiking, camping and biking with his owners on a special bike equipped with a milk crate. His favorite snacks are cucumbers and dried seaweed, and he loves making people happy.

Dog licenses for 2019 will be available Monday, Nov. 26. All dogs in San Juan County are required to be licensed annually. License fees are $15 for spayed or neutered dogs and $40 for “natural” dogs. A photo of the dog can be added to the database for $5. Dogs must be licensed each year by March 31 to avoid a $10 late fee.

Dog license fees are used to defray the costs of the licensing program, including purchasing tags and maintaining the licensing database. All funds not used to maintain the program are distributed to the three Animal Protection Societies on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez, for performing impound services for San Juan County. Fees distributed to the shelters are distributed proportionately to the number of fees collected on each island.

Dog license fees are also used, in part, to reimburse owners of livestock killed by stray dogs. The 2019 tag is a bright purple “dimpled square” shape. Get yours at the following locations:

• San Juan Island: Harbor Veterinary Services, Friday Harbor Animal Protection Society, auditor’s office at the courthouse.

• Orcas Island: Pawki’s for Pets, Eastsound Kennels, Orcas Animal Protection Society.

• Lopez Island: Sunset Building Supply, Lopez Animal Protection Society.