Masonic Lodge fundraises for wheelchair van

Submitted by the Masonic Lodge.

The Masonic Lodge is having a fundraiser to acquire a wheelchair van to fulfill the dreams of Becky Rhodes and Clayton Banry. That is a van Becky can drive to give free rides to all wheelchair-bound residents and visitors here on San Juan Island. A dinner and silent auction on the 14th of October starting at 6:00 pm at the Masonic Hall is where Free Wheelin Rides will become a reality. The dinner will consist of:

Ulis Famous English bratwurst bangers

Mashed red skin potatoes and gravy

Tossed salad and vinaigrette

Artesian Bread and butter.

Tickets for the dinner will be $25. Anyone not attending can donate to this cause by going to Banner Bank and making a deposit directly into the Free Wheelin Rides account.