Kiwanis honors Kristina Thalacker Ewing

Submitted by Friday Harbor Kiwanis

Kristina Thalacker Ewing, former island resident and life-long Kiwanian, was honored in a memorial celebration July 27 by the placement of a bench on the courthouse lawn. Some of Thalacker Ewing’s achievements include the Hugh O’Brien Youth Scholar, charter member of the Friday Harbor Key Club, charter member of Eastern Washington University Circle K International Club, member Kent AM Club, charter member Cascadia Internet Club, served as president of Kiwanis Club of Oak Bay, district first lady from 2009-2010 and international trustee’s spouse 2013-2016.

Vicky Thalacker, Kristina’s mother and past Friday Harbor Kiwanis Club president, added, “Kristina was a dedicated Kiwanian from the time she joined Friday Harbor Key Club as a charter member. I have always been so proud of her, and I am touched that my Kiwanis club continues to be there for me. I hope all who knew Kristina will take time on this bench to remember what a kind and generous spirit she had.”

This Park Bench:

In memory of Christina Thalaker Ewing

This park bench Is just where It needs to be.

The black walnut spreads Its broad limbs overhead

Protecting and sheltering

Providing food for creatures in due season.

Nearby the town courthouse.

These bricks have seen many things.

Voters and marchers, defendants and prosecutors.

Here are halls of justice, filled with long memory.

Children run and tumble on the generous grass.

Happy dogs leap and roll on the gentle slope.

The busy harbor is close, over the rise of the hill.

It is a place to sit and wait and watch.

And this is the legacy of Christina’s bench.

That one may slow down and rest here.

To celebrate each day as the gift it is.

And to consider the high call of service to others.

So sit for a while on this bench.

Consider this your Invitation.

To rest your heart or soul here.

And celebrate life, well and honorably lived.

– Elizabeth Eden

July 27, 20I9