Islanders join in nationwide “Bans off our body” protests

Over 30 islanders took place in the national “Bans off our Bodies” protest Saturday, May 14, protesting the Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Organizer Romana Flierl could not attend at the last minute,however, local legends and long-time friends Lee Sturdivant and Louise Dustrude did attend, holding signs that read “Protect Abortion Rights” and “My Body My Decision.”

Attendees were geared up and ready to talk. Many argued that if men could get pregnant, abortions would be available on every street corner. Rally goer Joan Byrnes noted that two men she worked with, who could not attend, wondered where their birth control was. “Vasectomies are expensive and not always reversible,” Byrnes said.

Barbara Sharp noted that the judges behind the ruling were disassociated from reality. “Kavanah attended a private school, Barrett has never been out in the big world, attended a small religious college,” she explained.

Necia Quast said the wealthy always have had abortion access and always will.

“Back in the day [wealthy] parents shipped off their daughters if they became pregnant, and rich men did the same with their mistresses,” Sharp said.

For Carla Wright, it is all about a woman’s ability to make her own decision about her life and her body. “Choice is vital,” Wright said.

Heather Spaulding/ Staff photo
Gretchen Alison holds her sign high for those passing by to see
Heather Spaulding / Staff photo
Rally goers May 14