Island Haven Animal Sanctuary Hosts Summer Program “Treasured Tails”

Submitted by Island Haven Animal Sanctuary

Island Haven Animal Sanctuary is pleased to announce their “Treasured Tails” Summer Program for young readers.

Based on the “Horse Powered Reading®” curriculum, “Treasured Tails” allows children to identify stumbling blocks that get in the way of understanding, experience learning in an outdoor environment, connect with a horse as their “book”, and reflect on their experiences in the moment to create new patterns of learning.

The program runs for four weeks on Tuesdays or Fridays beginning July 23. Each one-hour session is private, tailored to individual needs, and consists of a facilitator and volunteer, your child and one of our sanctuary horses. We have five spots and one scholarship still available, the deadline to sign up is July 19.

Last summer was so much fun, we can’t wait to do it again. Please visit to learn more and register.

Children who struggle with reading often struggle with anxiety and low self-esteem which can affect other aspects in school. The opportunity to handle a thousand-pound horse in a safe environment can build their confidence, something that will carry over in all areas of their lives.

We are also accepting donations for scholarships for those in need of assistance. If you would like to donate to the scholarship program, you can do so at

Established in 2015, Island Haven Animal Sanctuary’s mission is to provide lifetime care for equines and farmed animals who, while still able to lead a quality life, are unable to find homes due to disabilities or chronic or age-related illnesses. To learn more, visit

If you need more information about this program, contact us at

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