Island artists and businesses create a virtual art walk

  • Sat Apr 11th, 2020 1:30am
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The first “Third Thursday” San Juan County Virtual Art Walk will take place on Thursday, April 16, from 4-8 p.m. Artists will post to social media during that time, using the hashtag #VirtualArtWalkSJIS.

The local chambers of commerce and a group of independent artists invite all retail businesses, artists, and musicians to virtually open their doors and studios for a night of art, beauty, craftsmanship, fashion, décor, music, wine and cheese and more.

How can I Participate?

Artists and businesses will use the hashtag #VirtualArtwalkSJIS on their favorite social media platforms starting NOW to build recognition and momentum, letting people know about it, and give them an idea of what the artists or businesses might be posting, or any specials you will offer.

Then, on Thursday, April 16, from 4-8 p.m., businesses and artists will post items for viewing and for sale several times during the walk.

Each business will be responsible for completing sales with customers, in addition to making shipping or curbside drop-off/delivery arrangements.

The hashtags

Participating artists & businesses – and guests – can use the hashtag #VirtualArtwalkSJIS on all posts in addition to the hashtag that indicates which island they are from such as #VirtualArtwalkOrcas #VirtualArtwalkLopez #VirtualArtwalkSJI, and any other hashtags that pertain to the business or organization, for instance, #FridayHarborAtelier, #SanJuanIslandStudioTour or #OrcasIslandArtWorks, #ChimeraGallery. Artists, Businesses and visitors can TAG artists and other participants with their Instagram handle or Facebook name, etc.

Here is a list of recommended popular hashtags to cut and paste into your posts:

#VirtualArtwalkSJIS #VirtualArtwalk #IslandsStrong #SanJuanIslands #VisitSanJuans

How it Works

Artists & Businesses will post once every 30 minutes or once per hour from 4-8 p.m., duration of the Virtual Artwalk on April 16. Here are a few ideas for images that may be posted:

• New work, images of the artist working, items for sale.

• Videos of artists working, Livestreams, new blog or vlog posts, etc.

• Sales during the virtual artwalk.

• Gift Certificate Programs.

• How to buy work – website or landing page information.

• How to sign up for more information.

What type of businesses can participate?

Any that would normally enjoy being open for an Artwalk! Wine shops, cheese shop, clothing boutique, galleries – the list is unlimited. Promote curbside pickup of to-go food, wine, cheese, etc.

What type of artist can participate?

Any artist or performer that would normally enjoy being on display at an Artwalk! Painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers, soap makers, artisan foods, musicians, theatre, dancers, etc.

How do customers participate?

Customers can search for, find and follow the hashtag #VirtualArtwalkSJIS in the search bar of their favorite social media platform. Like, Share, Follow and Comment to have a great time, add some fun to your quarantine, and help the artists of San Juan County!

Information for participants:

Artists Contact: Lisa Lamoreaux, San Juan Island artist,

Business Contact: Becki Risbell Day, SJI Chamber,