Contributed photo/Lauren Farmer Toddlers, front row, left to right: Caeden Garson, Gustavo Ibanez, Elsie Tanis, John Draffkorn, Sadie Stringer, Athena Unpingco, Amelia Berwald, Raelynn Myers, Cameron Smith Middle row, left to right: Cypress Lommel, Emmy Anderson, Isabelle Roberts, Charlotte Carlson Toddlers, back row, left to right: Emmilyn Robertson, Brogan Ragsdale, Addison Musburger, Kali Rio Zee, Preston Ross, Everly Ausilio, Will Martin, Livi Smith, Brooks Ostenrude, Mae Widing, Aiden Widing

Introducing the class of 2034

The class of 2034 are just learning to walk, but that didn’t stop the parents of the toddlers born from Aug. 31, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2016, from snapping a class photo at the Friday Harbor High School bleachers. Below are some facts to consider about the 1- and 2-years-olds.

  • The were born during the first African-American U.S. presidency.
  • Blockbuster, Howard Johnson’s and Shaper Image have never existed in their lifetime.
  • Books, mail and bill pay have always been available in digital formats.
  • They’ve always lived in a state, home to Superbowl champs.
  • They are about the same age as Prince William’s daughter, Princess Charlotte.
  • They’ve never known Friday Harbor without a hospital, unreliable electricity and chain stores.
  • They already have at least one photo on Facebook, which was about 12-years-old when they were born.