Get a different view of art Saturday at celebration

The sculptures at Westcott Bay Sculpture Park are static, yet the way the visitor sees the sculptures changes as the environment changes.

The sculptures at Westcott Bay Sculpture Park are static, yet the way the visitor sees the sculptures changes as the environment changes.

Grasses grow longer and dance in the breeze. Daylight changes as clouds roll in and out and the sky turns crimson with the sunset. An eagle’s song and the sound of wind rustling the trees can add another dimension.

Jazz musician David Messmer will bring a new dimension to how sculpture is viewed Saturday at the seventh annual Art & Nature Celebration.

Messmer, a tenor saxophonist, will perform impromptu pieces inspired by some of the sculptures. It’s the latest innovation presented by Westcott Bay Institute to help people connect with art.

“I approach each sculpture from the perimeter, and I have to instantly make an outline of what I see and translate that into some musical structure,” Messmer said. “I’ll play an original piece for each sculpture. I have the tools already — I have a thesaurus of music in my head and I’ll draw from that.”

The annual event is presented by Westcott Bay Institute and this year’s event is multi-faceted, with art demonstrations, live music and the unveiling of 14 new sculptures.

There will be hors d’oeuvres, as well as wine donated for the event by San Juan Vineyards. Event sponsors are Roche Harbor, San Juan Vineyards and Lawson Construction.

“The suggested donation is $5, but even if you can’t afford it, we want you to come,” said Victoria Compton, Westcott Bay Institute executive director. “It’s our annual community and volunteer appreciation event.”

Messmer organized the musical lineup: Three Corner Boys (Bill Copper and Jeff Seitz), original folk; Bill Coopers and Jim Nollman, nature music; The David Messmer Trio, with Thor Hanson on bass and Dan Gillespie on drums; and Martin Lund and Gene Nery, classical Brazilian.

Giving art demonstrations as part of Artists in Action: Lavelle Foos, carver; Ruth Mueseler, sculptor; and plein air artists Annie Adams, Sam Connery, Matt Dollahite and Rick Thibodeau.

Visitors can also take such classes as cartooning with award-winning cartoonist Paul Chadwick, and painting miniature wooden furniture with Rebecca Barnard.

Added to the sculptural landscape are works by Ryan Beard, Georgia Gerber, Julia Haack, Richard Jones, Gaye Jurisch, Robert McConaughy, Thor Myhre, Hans Nelsen, Gerry Newcomb, Ron Norma, Ulrich Pakker, James Schmidt, Kathryn Lipke Vigesaa, and Lloyd Whannell.

The Sculpture Park is a compelling attraction, with more than 100 works of art sited on 19 acres of fields and woods on the shoreline of Westcott Bay. Artists come from around the Pacific Northwest region and around the world to feature their works – in bronze, stone, wood, glass, steel and other media – in this natural setting.

Every Saturday through summer, Westcott Bay will feature Family Art Days from 11a.m. to 4 p.m. starting with Chadwick and Barnard’s presentations at the Art & Nature Celebration.

Westcott Bay Sculpture Park was established in June 2001. The Island Museum of Art was established in February, 2005. Both entities are operated by the Westcott Bay Institute, a non-profit organization.