Friday Harbor students head to Olympia to discuss environmental issues

Sydney Fouquette

Journal intern

Six kids from Friday Harbor High School and Spring Street International School traveled to Olympia on Jan. 29 with Friends of the San Juans to engage in environmental needs.

“There were so many inspirational people at the lobby and all of them were very dedicated to a greener Washington,” said Ela Angevine, a 10th-grade student from Spring Street International School.

In addition to the students from Friday Harbor and the representatives from Friends of the San Juans, about 500 Washington citizens attended to show support for a cleaner Salish Sea. Multiple environmental groups came to talk about clean electricity so the air isn’t polluted for just using coal, natural gas and oil; having a clean ocean for the orcas, oil spill prevention, and reducing plastic pollution.

Friends of the San Juans is a nonprofit environmental group based in Friday Harbor. Their main goals are to “foster wild and healthy shorelines, promote thriving and sustainable communities, conserve forests, farmlands, freshwater and prairie habitats, and ensure the health of the marine ecosystem. Friends uses science to inform decisions that conserve the county’s environment and economy,” which is stated on their website

They met Debra Lekanoff, D-Bow, and Jeff Morris, a member of the Washington House of Representatives, representing the 40th Legislative District. They talked about the importance of the orcas, Salish Sea, pollution and more.

“The environmental lobby in Olympia was a great experience to be a part of,” said Emma DeFreest, a 10th-grader from Spring Street. “It was exciting to meet representatives there and talk about issues that concern us.”