Fourth graders find power through poetry

Lowell Jons’ fourth-grade class at Friday Harbor Elementary School is learning about writing in verse this April as part of National Poetry Month.

“It really helps students to focus on literary elements in a unique way — and they love it,” Jons said. “We get to go over things like metaphor, alliteration, voice, how to put meaning into our words, the power of repetition and so on. Poetry is a fun way to put magic and power into our world.”

Bird of prey

By Cash

Oh how I hear you in the night,

your calls of delight,

fury, calm

your soft wings

how beautiful

your woodland feathers fly.

Birds of prey…


By Lillian

Dragon dragon

So beautiful and brave,

Scales of granite and gold

Yet his heart beats so cold

Lost and never returning

With the weight of the mountain

On his wings so bold

His soul untold

Granite and gold so cold

As a mountain

So bold

The Silent Forest

By Hunter

When the pine trees,

Blow with ease,

When the deer,

Call with fear,

When the moon,

Shines like noon,

When the forest awakes,

Just as day breaks,

When the early bird,

Spreads the early word,

When the bees see,

Their enemy,

That’s when the forest starts its


Comfort Zone

By Phenix

Your comfort zone,

Is where you want to be,

Whether with your friends or at home,

It is your symphony,

Not a sound to be heard in my poetry,

But instead,

A soothing,


That’s my comfort zone,

But not for long can you keep this feeling,

For it is a beast in a cage,

That cannot escape

a war with your emotions,

feelings of the soul,

But this beast must be freed,

this beast,

Has more on the inside,

Then the outside,

This beast is a guide,

Down a path of regret,

Through a stream of anger,


Your comfort zone.