Fish for Teeth setting up dental clinic

Submitted by Fish for Teeth

Fish for Teeth is pleased to announce our new dental program in Friday Harbor. Fish for Teeth is supporting the creation of a community dental clinic right here in Friday Harbor. Fish for Teeth is in the finishing stages of securing a site where one-day dental clinics will be conducted five times a year, from September to May. With dental professionals volunteering their time to provide care. The first clinic is set for late January 2024.

Since 2012, Fish for Teeth has sponsored the Medical Teams International mobile dental van, bringing dental relief for those who cannot otherwise afford the care. Since 2020, the dental van has been sponsored through a countywide grant, of which Fish for Teeth was a financial contributor. Now the countywide grant has come to an end, and Fish for Teeth will once again champion access to dental care on San Juan Island.

Fish for Teeth has a funding challenge to meet. On Nov. 16, Fish for Teeth invigorated the Friday Harbor lunch scene with the return of our Fish Taco Fundraiser. It was a well-attended event, with lots of happy fish eaters, and lots of volunteers, including many Kiwanis club members. While tasty rockfish tacos are the backbone of our fundraising, they have never fully sustained our programs. Our shortfall has always been made up by individual contributions from our caring community.

Fish for Teeth has sent out a request for donations via the USPS (you can also donate through our web page), asking our community to consider a donation to help us re-invent the dental program in Friday Harbor. Fish for Teeth is a 100% volunteer organization, with zero funding going to administrative costs; every penny donated goes towards fixing teeth right here on San Juan Island.

Your donation dollars are an investment in our community. Many people receiving care are the people doing the work in our community, people supporting families with tight budgets and seniors living on fixed incomes. Very often the expense of dental care cannot be met when choosing between paying rent or utilities or living with toothache pain. Fish for Teeth has no income requirement, when someone needs dental care and cannot afford it, Fish for Teeth is here to help.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to Fish for Teeth. Visit for more information.