‘Drive by Christmas Carols’ | Multi media

Teddy Deane on saxophone

It was six nights before Christmas, at 6:30 p.m., on the corner of Front and Spring Street when two islanders danced in the glow of holiday lights to songs played on saxophone and upright bass.

Despite the cold, a few people stopped to enjoy a jazzy version of a “White Christmas” and dropped a few dollars in the saxophone’s case set on the sidewalk.

“We’re hoping to make enough money for a hot butter rum,” said Teddy Deane as he and his counterpart Cecil DeMeerleer took a break. “We’re past the beer phase now.”

Deane on saxophone and DeMeerleer on upright bass have performed impromptu street concerts for about four years.

“There was one year we didn’t play because it was just too cold,” said DeMeerleer.

And islanders never know when or where  they will pop up.

“We just show up somewhere, the spur of the moment and just do it,” said Deane.

The musicians refer to these performances as “Drive by Christmas Carols” or “Suddenly Christmas.”