Construction for WWTP Sewer Outfall Project

Submitted by the Town of Friday Harbor.

The Town of Friday Harbor has contracted with Redside Construction to replace its existing submarine sewer outfall line with a new 18-inch diameter HDPE pipe via directional drilling and placement on the sea bed. Then connect the line upland to existing sewer utilities from the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Two aerial views are provided to help understand the project scope and how it may temporarily affect vessel traffic.

Starting in early November, the new piping will be fused together. This activity will take place just south of Jenson’s Marina on Turn Point Road. After completion, the pipe will be launched out to the south end of Friday Harbor, where it will be moored offshore for a couple of weeks in its Launch Location.

While moored, the pipe will have red buoys every 30 feet to alert boaters to its location. Both ends will be marked with four flashing yellow lights and every 600 feet in between for nighttime identification.

Directional drilling will begin in mid-November and is anticipated to be complete in mid-December. The overall outfall line will be approximately 1,950 feet long from the end of McDonald Street out into the harbor.

While the bore from McDonald Street is being completed, the new pipe will be towed to its Install Location, where it will be pulled into the bore for 1,200 feet, then progressively sunk to the bottom of the harbor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, contact the Town of Friday Harbor at 360-378-2154 or