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CATS Dog Show, Aug. 1

  • Tue Jul 27th, 2021 11:01am
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Submitted by CATS.

CATS Goes to the Dogs is the theme of the just-for-fun All Island Dog Show at the County Fairgrounds on Sunday, Aug. 1. The Show begins at 11:30 a.m. — come early to look at the dogs and find a place to sit.

There will be benches for sitting or bring your own chair, plus a sun hat and a snack since the show is during lunch time. Admission is free.

Dogs in the show range from tiny puppies to a Great Dane, with lots of Goldens, doodles, poodles, big dogs, rescue dogs, small dogs, and even some performing dogs.

The show opens with the Grand Parade of Dogs, followed by category competitions for Best Dressed Dog, Best Tricks and Talents, Most Laid-Back Dog, and Best Tail Wag. There will be raffle tickets available for a selection of dog related services and goods, plus information tables showcasing local providers of dog services.

CATS Goes to the Dogs is a fundraiser for the San Juan Community Theatre, sponsored by CATS, the Community Arts Theatre Society.