Best of the Fest presents: ‘Adrift’

  • Fri May 31st, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

The Friday Harbor Film Festival is pleased to present “Adrift,” Tuesday, June 4 at the Grange at 7 p.m. This film tells the true story of Friday Harbor resident Tami Oldham Ashcraft sailing on her South Seas trip, then interrupted by a historically sized hurricane which destroyed her boat and lost overboard the only other person on board.

This tells the story of how she alone survived, figured it out, and sailed for 41 days alone, conquering all obstacles. From lost at sea off the coast of Chile to ending up near the coast of Hawaii. She made it! Although this happened in 1981 to Oldham Ashcraft, she wrote a book about it, and in 2018 Hollywood made this well-recieved film starring Shailene Woodley as Oldham Ashcraft. An amazing adventure you must see to believe! Friday Harbor Film Festival picks the top audience favorites to be in our winter series FHFF Best of Fest! June 4 is the last of this series.

FHFF films are shown from January-June for islanders and friends who missed the films at the festival due to all the extra business from the festival and for all our great volunteers!

Everyone is invited. This event is free, donations are welcomed.

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