Artists Maya Noga Djiji and Adrian Kilpatrick to speak at SJIMA June 27

Submitted by Alchemy Art Center.

Alchemy Art Center, in partnership with the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, is hosting an artist talk series featuring visiting and local artists. Talks will take place in the upstairs workshop area of the SJIMA (located at 540 Spring St) from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. on select Sundays, May September.

The next talk in the series, on June 26, features visiting artist Maya Noga Djiji and local artist Adrian Kilpatrick. Maya Djiji is a visual artist from California who loves exploring different mediums. On top of her love for exploration, she also loves to use a lot of color. With her saturated palette, she makes work with ceramics, textiles, glass, printmaking, and much more. Her work touches on the playful nature of magic, the delicate beauty of life, and the intricacies of death.

Maya is living and working at Alchemy Art Center in June and July as part of our Artists in Community Program. This is Maya’s second residency at Alchemy Art Center.

Adrian Kilpatrick is a collage and mixed media artist based on San Juan Island. His art deals with modern-day alienation, surrealism, nature, politics, fantasy and dream states. His primary focus is to create an open dialogue by transporting viewers of his works to realms that parallel our own reality and cause us to question our current human condition. Materials gathered from old picture books, magazines, and brochures found from various thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales form images that encapsulate different moods, cultures, and ideologies found within our past and present lives.

Our July talk will take place on Sunday, July 31. Please check out for more information. This talk is part of Artists in Community, which is supported by the NEA, ArtsWA, the San Juan Island Community Foundation, the Tulalip Charitable Fund, and by generous donations from members of our community.

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Contributed photo by Alchemy Art Center
Maya Noga Djiji

Contributed photo by Alchemy Art Center Maya Noga Djiji

Contributed photo by Alchemy Art Center
Adrian Kilpatrick

Contributed photo by Alchemy Art Center Adrian Kilpatrick