Animal Shelter’s Pet of the Week

  • Sun Feb 25th, 2018 7:00am
  • Life

Statistics show that seven out of 10 people are more willing to adopt a kitten than an adult or senior cat. What’s up with that nonsense?

As a proud senior cat, I find this hard to believe. My name is Blossom and I’ve been waiting here at the animal shelter for a very long time, hoping someone wants a spunky, older gal like myself to share their life (and tuna) with. I love to cuddle and am very good at jigsaw puzzles. I also read palms and teach interpretive dance. I’m very versatile, so don’t let my “advanced” age fool you.

You know, statistics also show that Americans own over 46 million dogs and only 38 million cats. Now, that is very hard to believe! Let’s hook up!