Alchemy Art Center presents Western Female

  • Fri Jun 7th, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Alchemy Art Center

New York’s Western Female will play at Alchemy Art Center on San Juan Island, Friday, June 14, at 8 p.m. in The Dome.

Western Female is the musical project of songwriter and former Orcas islander, Melanie Beth Curran. Through channels of Americana, Old Time, Honky-Tonk, Croon, Early Jazz, French Chanson, Rock n’ Roll, and Spoken Word, Western Female brings audiences closer to the places, people, and histories lingering below the surface of the western experience. While entertaining their audiences, Western Female invites examinations of the role of the female performer over the course of history. What can she sing about, how can her body move, how must she dress, what stories can she tell on stage, and how does the culture embrace her, commodify her, venerate her, or long for her demise?

Melanie Curran will be joined onstage by Peter Freeman and by Dave Bolt, with whom she founded the old-time string band, The High-Waisted Ramblers. Western Female’s Pacific Northwest Tour is one of three location-based tours this summer, including tours in the Southwest and Northeast. In the fall, Curran will depart for Bretagne, France, on a Fulbright Fellowship to write ethnographically about Breton traditional music.

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