letters to the editor teaser for isj/jsj/iwk

letters to the editor teaser for isj/jsj/iwk

Wolf for County Council | Letter

As you know, this year’s election on Nov. 3 will in many ways determine the course of our future — across our state, the nation, and locally.

With the convergence of multiple crises and the impacts of the ongoing pandemic likely to get more severe before they get better, it is more important than ever that we elect leaders whose decision-making will be centered around the values of equity and justice and protecting the public interest.

I am supporting Cindy Wolf for County Council, District 2, because I believe she is the right candidate to meet this moment.

I encourage you to explore Cindy’s campaign website, https://votecindywolf.com, to learn more about Cindy and where she stands on the issues.

Beyond voting, there are several other ways to help:

• Share Cindy’s campaign with your network on social media, email or by word of mouth

• Write letters to the editor endorsing her

• If you live on a well-traveled road ask for a yard sign by emailing cindywolf2020@gmail.com.

If you have any questions I’m here to help! Shoot me a Facebook message or email learner.limbach@gmail.com.

But above all, for our future, VOTE CINDY.

Learner Limbach

Orcas Island