With gratitude | Letter

In this year of surprises, we had to be creative and optimistic in filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

We were delighted with the commitment and faithfulness of so many in our community. The lovely ladies at Kings Marine found shoeboxes even though their department was partially closed. The Presbyterian Church opened for the distribution and collection process. Several ladies from their Mary Martha circle shopped independently to find enough items for one person to fill several boxes.

Friday Harbor Freight, already on overload, picked up overpack cartons from the mainland to bring to the island and returned them filled to His Place in Burlington during their limited hours. Others in the community found ways to add boxes, special items and funds which resulted in well over 100 Christmas boxes being sent to needy children all over the world. Joy and excitement will fill the air for all the recipients of these boxes and blessings will abound as we reflect on this mission to bring love and encouragement to children in the far outreaches of the world.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas.

Mary Ray and Ann Wiese

Friday Harbor