Why vote for the levy?

I’m hoping that all community members received information from Island Rec about the upcoming Levy (vote April 27, 2021). I was asked to be on the Levy Committee and I gladly said yes. Let me tell you why.

I love Island Rec. What a gem for our community; such a robust set of programs for a little community like ours. Most of us use or support at least something offered by Island Rec. Personally, as a “dog-mom” I use the gravel pit regularly. I love music in the park during the summer months. My daughters have thrived in the high school sports program. And I’m happy to know that the younger members of our community have a safe and fun place to go after school in the STAR program. And if you don’t find something you like, ask them to offer it—if they can, they will. Just ask the Pickleball players on the island who now play twice a week through Island Rec.

It’s important to note that Island Rec is not asking for any new money; this is simply a renewal of the existing levy that expires this year. The amount is the same: 38.5 cents per $1,000 property assessed value. Most households pay less than $200 a year.

I know Island Rec is popular in our community. Please let me stress that it is important to actually vote rather than “leaving it to somebody else” to do so. This levy requires at least 2,600 votes, with 60 percent or more being in the affirmative. I hope you will join me and vote yes!

Karen Meenan

San Juan Island