We need a dorm | Letter

San Juan Island and virtually every college in the country face the same challenge: Lack of affordable housing. Obviously, finding a solution is complicated or it would have been solved years ago. One possible solution is to follow the lead of California. They are currently planning 25 dormitory projects in an effort to house 7,300 college students. Why can’t we do the same by building a simple, but architecturally pleasing, two-story dorm for 50-100 people? I’m talking about two people in a room with only beds and dressers. Bathrooms are down the hall and there is a centralized kitchen and a rec/living room. Seasonal workers could rent there in the summer. Adjoining doors between rooms would allow families to reside there if necessary.

Anyone who ever lived in a college dorm understands they have their pros and cons; however, our housing crisis is serious enough to warrant we explore all possibilities. I believe that if we put our heads together and work cooperatively the challenge can be solved.

Mike Buettell,

San juan Island