We are playing by Putin’s rules | Letter

With these rules, Ukraine and we could lose. Putin has set them for his own advantage, naturally. Our military, armed with expensive and sophisticated weaponry is designed for a decisive and quick victory. Putin’s military and strategy is designed to wear down, through numbers and attrition, an enemy with limited troops and expensive, hard to replace equipment. We have been withholding the weapons that would decisively and quickly turn the tide of battle due to our fears about crossing the red line Putin has set. In the meantime, we have gradually used up our reserves of expensive weapons, playing into Putin’s hands. We need to change the rules of the game in favor of our weaponry before we are no longer able to do that. We have seen just how poorly his army, navy and airforce have performed. It seems that his nuclear weaponry may be in the same state of disfunction. Right now, he is throwing his troops at us to use up our bullets.

If we allow Putin to do this, we will be at a distinct disadvantage when this war is over, because we will have depleted our own weapons to the point that we will not be able to defend ourselves from his further aggression.

Detlef W. Wieck

San Juan Island

Submitted Feb. 17