Vote yes

Disagreements abound about the EMS Levy vote on February 8th. The facts and fabrications are sometimes too confusing to sift through for the voter.

I may simply be adding to the din of noise, but I seek as a hospital district commissioner to clarify at least one point.

MAINLY, what this levy is about. It is, like past EMS levies, about retaining the funding source for the EMS services that are currently being provided. Round the clock, community-wide response to 911 calls, community trainings, resources and safety equipment for community members and organizations, and paramedicine services that provide crucial safety and in-home evaluation and services for vulnerable community members.

What the levy ISN’T is a yea or nay vote for the potential integration of EMS and Fire Services. Yes, the PHD did choose to table the integration process after the fire district didn’t pass the levy last November, but very much out of a need to keep and protect these vital services at the current delivery levels. There has been a lot of work done to improve and fortify the organization, and careful consideration warranted ensuring continuity. The Fire District didn’t reply to communications from EMS and the PHD after their vote failed. They showed little interest in continuing work together on a joint agency. The PHD felt the weight of responsibility to keep the EMS organization intact. But the fate of integration does not rest with this vote. The future can still hold that chance, but improved communication and trust will be necessary.

Vote YES on the EMS levy so these vital services can remain available to our community; and work towards the future you want by attending Fire District and Hospital District meetings and finding out how these agencies will serve your important health needs in the future. Know that EMS is a competent, successful, thriving agency; providing excellent, timely care to the community. I encourage you to seek out accurate information, do your research and speak with hospital district commissioners with any of your concerns.


Gail Leschine-Seitz

PHD #1 Commissioner