Vote YES on Proposition 2 | Letter

As a longtime islander, and a current property owner, I strongly support Proposition 2, which provides much-needed stability to many important island programs. I cannot imagine San Juan County without the programs that this proposition funds and I want to urge you to consider the relatively small investment that it represents for the benefits that we all get back. Please vote YES on Proposition 2.

As the chair of the Agricultural Resources Committee for the past five years, I particularly want to highlight funding for the ARC as well as WSU Extension programs. Preserving the rural character of our islands depends on a strong and vibrant agricultural economy. The cost of these programs is minuscule compared to the benefits to all of us. To build on the progress made in recent years, continuing to invest in these programs is absolutely essential.

There are many great programs and services funded by Proposition 2, including Senior Services such as meals on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez Islands; WSU Extension programs, including 4-H, Master Gardeners, Agricultural Resources Committee and other agricultural programs; Maintenance and operation of county parks; General fund support of the San Juan County Fair; Public health services on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez Islands; Corrections-Work Release; Victim Services-Prosecutor; Emergency Management; Maintenance of county buildings and grounds; Protection of island waters by funding the operations and equipment of Islands’ Oil Spill Association; Maintenance of the Parks and Fair; and Natural Resources programming. The voters’ guide also includes funding amounts dedicated for each program. Please join me in voting Yes on Proposition 2.

Learner Limbach

Orcas Island