Vote yes on levy | Letters

We encourage all eligible voters to join us and vote yes for our children, schools and community in the upcoming election on April 24. The renewal of the Educational Programs and Operations Levy (formerly the M&O) will help ensure that our students continue to receive a first-rate education in Friday Harbor. Island voters have a long history of supporting our schools, and it is critical now more than ever to continue our investment in the future.

Due to changes in the new state funding formula, the total local levy authority is reduced. Further, the amount that can be levied is now based on student enrollment. At the current enrollment projection, the 2019 levy would be approximately $380,000 less than the 2018 levy. If this levy is not renewed, the San Juan Island School District would have to cut almost $2 million, or 17 percent, from the budget. The consequences of such a cut would be devastating.

Strong schools are the foundation upon which vibrant communities are built. Please vote yes to renew the Educational Programs and Operations Levy on April 24.

Travis and Jennifer Ayers

Friday Harbor