Vote yes for hospital district levy | Letter

We must pass SJC Public Hospital District#1, Proposition #1 tax levy.

I have worked in elder care in some capacity for the last 28 years, the majority of the time on San Juan Island. We are currently in a crisis with providing care for our elders not only nationally but here in our own community.

When we purchase Village at the Harbor Assisted Living facility it will become the foundation to begin building the community-owned and much-needed support system in order for all of us to age in place.

The public hospital district has provided a thorough budget for this venture which is posted on their website. I am excited to see that they will increase wages and benefit the dedicated and hard-working staff and provide Medicaid beds for those who have exhausted their finances. The plan to have a home care agency for care providers to go into homes to give needed care will be an enormous asset to those desiring to age in place and stay in their homes and in the community they love.

Death and growing old is not something we often think about, but it affects us all. Voting YES for this proposition will be a vote for your future self and an investment in your neighbors and community!


Deanna Osborn

Friday Harbor