Vote yes for EMS

The SJC Fire District Levy failed to get voters’ support and the SJC Hospital District Commissioners rightly decided to respect the voters’ decision to not force a merger between the two districts. To me, it’s like a pre-arranged marriage that was never really meant to be and is now attempting to be forced to happen.

The Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG) spent a long time trying to arrange for the two Districts to unite but, it continues to be a difficult struggle to have these two Districts harmoniously “tie the knot”. Maybe it’s just not meant to be?

During this “romance” there have been some difficulties, harsh words and even some brief good-byes between them, but it was still presumed that the two could overcome any of their differences and live happily ever after. These two Districts were married and divorced more than 25 years ago! Maybe it’s best to just be friends.

In their efforts to convince the SJC Hospital Commissioners and staff that they are making a bad mistake to not marry (merge), the SJC Fire District Chief, Norvin Collins and staff began posting insults and outright lies in an attempt to demean their future “bride to be” (SJC Hospital District). Rather than using some sweet talk and compromise to sway them back, the SJC Fire District chose to get incredibly mean and offensive. Clearly, this marriage (merge) would NOT be a healthy union or a happy partnership.

Who wants to be forced to start a relationship with an overbearing and abusive partner? This marriage would be a disaster!

The SJC Hospital District has and can live happily ever after on their own. Haven’t they suffered enough heartache and misery?

Leslie Brennan

Friday Harbor