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Vote Rick Hughes | Letter

It is important for us all to realize that our charter calls for our council positions to be nonpartisan. Rick Hughes has often supported Democratic candidates but he has never aligned himself with one party’s platform over the other. I am uncomfortable that we are allowing, via his opponent, one party’s platform, to infect this position.

Another reason I support Rick is my understanding of how things get done. Our islands run on a unique blend of public and private partnerships. As a long-time islander, I have been particularly supportive of non-profit Early Childhood Education, parks, land preservation and many many activities related to the arts. Rick Hughes knows the government system, is fair in the distribution of time and treasure and is always willing to do what he can to further local solutions to local problems. Life has changed with COVID but I can barely imagine our accomplishments pre-COVID without his skill and expertise at the County level.

Finally, COVID rages on. Rick helped us navigate through a very stressful mess and he worked tirelessly. While I strongly disagreed with some of his shut-down decisions I came away realizing I had not walked a mile in his shoes and NONE of us knew what was the “right” action at the time. Rick exhibited grace under extreme fire from all sides. He has proven himself capable of navigating the tough times. Now is not an appropriate time to have someone new navigate the unknowns ahead.

Please vote for Rick Hughes.

Martha Farish

Orcas Island