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Vote no on annexation merger | Letter

In the upcoming election, those in favor of merging the Fire Department and EMS need the town to chip in. Taxpayers’ money is required to foot the increase needed to basically, duplicate services already provided.

Those who own property in Friday Harbor already pay enough taxes for the services of both Fire and EMS. So, why would anyone want to pay more to duplicate those services?

San Juan Island has a unique structure where EMS is separate from the Fire District. And it has worked very well since EMS joined the Hospital District in 1990.

Currently, we have one large Fire Engine responding to EMS calls. Why? It’s unnecessary and it’s a waste of resources and money. If raising our taxes is intended to pay for this type of service, we don’t need it. What we do need is common sense leadership and someone who can recognize that, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

Vote NO on the Town of Friday Harbor annexation with San Juan Fire District #3.

Leslie Brennan

Friday Harbor