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Vote Jane Fuller for Charter Review Commissioner | Letter

Up ahead, San Juan county will need to navigate the troubled waters of the pandemic and its economic aftermath, climate change and its impacts, the loss of the Resident Orca and habitat destruction due to human activity, challenges to our school districts from inadequate funding, and land-use pressures that must balance wildland and shore preservation with homes and farming. Our islands’ challenges will be compounded by huge projected budget deficits at the state level and goodness knows what at the Federal level. In this context, competent, level-headed leadership in local government is more important than ever. Charter Review Commissioners make foundational decisions regarding the structure of our local democracy and local governance process including how decision-making power is represented among the different islands and the role of direct democracy through initiatives and referendum.

With this in mind, I encourage your vote for Jane Fuller for Charter Review Commissioner. Jane is intelligent, very willing to listen, and has a generous public spirit. As a founding board member of the Lopez Island Parent Teacher Student Association (LIPTSA), she has been a strong and vocal advocate for our public school. She brings a nuanced international perspective with extensive experience in government, nonprofit and the private sector that is also strongly rooted on Lopez island.

We’re lucky that she’s running and she deserves our vote.

Chris Greacen

Lopez Island