Vote Hughes and Palmateer | Letter

I write to support the candidacies for two County Council offices. This election ear we are fortunate to have some very capable and sincere candidates, therefore my endorsements are based on much thought and reflection.

Ryan Palmateer is my choice for County Council District 1. He is passionate, open-minded, fair and technologically sound. Ryan listens and hears the voice of many diverse cross-sections. He will lead our County into the 21st century while keeping our valuable traditions of land ownership, property rights, and community dialogue safe and secure. As a former educator and community leader, I know Ryan believes in kids, arts and tech. Let’s make Ryan our next District 1 County Councilperson — we will have a voice of reason, discourse and innovation to hear us.

I also support Rick Hughes’ candidacy. Rick is a friend, parent and community business owner. As a former Spring Street Int. schoolteacher where Rick’s son is a student, Rick and I have had many conversations about integrity, honesty and civility. He is the real deal, committed to the Orcas Island and SJ County communities 100 percent. His maturity and proven record have shown itself, especially in environmental and housing areas. He is invested in our county, a local business owner and a fine, dedicated family person.

Fred Yockers

Former Friday Harbor High School Drama Instructor and Former Spring Street International School Video Instructor