Vote for Rick Hughes for council member | Letter

I am going to tell you what it’s like to be disabled on Orcas and gladly say I voted for Rick Hughes and why. Yes, I know many of the candidates and they listened, but no one brought up issues that impact my daily life and someday yours. I’ve lived on Orcas since 2010. My mom lives here and people are kind. One day Rick saw my mom driving fast in the parking lot and asked her to slow down. Rick explained that there’s a woman in a scooter (at the time) and I worry about her. Oh, the woman replied, that’s my daughter Grace. From then on, Rick started looking out for me and others, trying his best to make Orcas ADA accessible.

By law, Orcas doesn’t obey a law passed in Congress in 1995. Ray’s Pharmacy was the only store that made their aisles wide enough for a wheelchair or walker or stroller. When Orcas was going to “fix” the roads and the idea of sidewalks, I spoke up. I am for sidewalks. The streets are uneven, the sides of roads make it very easy for anyone to be hit. Things work when both parties work together.

I live with cerebral palsy and rheumatoid. I have to say Rick has always listened to me and tried to make Orcas better. We are starting to have access but we need more. I don’t care who disagrees with me.

One time in a snowstorm my ”HOA” didn’t remove the snow blocking the entrance. Rick sent out plows to remove the snow and made sure I was okay.

Rick, thank you for the talks with me and wanting Orcas to be a place for everyone.

Grace Grantham

Orcas Island