Vote Compton for port | Letter

My Choice! Victoria Compton for Port Commissioner!

We have the opportunity to elect a new Port Commissioner. I have known Victoria Compton for 25 years. She is an active community member and has been for thirty years. She has a work history including 10 years with the Economic Development Council as well as public service experience with San Juan County and the Town of Friday Harbor.

Victoria is excited about the chance to bring new energy to The Port of Friday Harbor. She is committed to supporting family-wage jobs created within the developments and projects of the Port. She is committed to sound management of the environmental and financial aspects of Port business that reflect island values. She is committed to a strong and sound Port, for those who depend on the Port for work or services.

When I think of actions regarding respect and integrity, I think of Victoria Compton. When I think of attention to use of public funds and good business sense, I think of Victoria Compton. When I think of intelligent problem solving and an islander point of view, I think of Victoria Compton. When I think of our next Port Commission, I think of Victoria Compton.

My choice is Victoria Compton as our next Port Commissioner. Won’t you join me?

Nan Simpson

Islander for 40 years, retired educator,

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