Vote Bob Jarman as fire commissioner | Letter

I highly recommend that Bob Jarman be re-elected as fire commissioner for San Juan Island Fire and Rescue. His many years of experience make him a great commissioner and he knows the needs of the department and the citizens. He has worked well with other departments of San Juan County, the Town of Friday Harbor, emergency medical services and other fire districts in the county.

He served as a commissioner when the last three fire chiefs and a number of our permanent fire staff were hired. These folks and our wonderful staff of volunteer firefighters make for one of the finest fire departments in Washington State. Bob is one of the reasons that is so.

I was in charge of fire management in seven national park areas for 32 years and was a Fire Commissioner for San Juan Island Fire and Rescue for 18 years. I worked with Bob Jarman for 15 years of those years.

He is highly qualified to be re-elected as a Commissioner.

Cast your vote for Bob Jarman.

Thank You.

John Jensen, retired Fire Commissioner, San Juan County Island Fire and Rescue

Friday Harbor