Vote Barbara, Monica and Bill W. | Letters

Asking the hard questions and then working to find answers is the heart of being an effective elected official. I’m voting for Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams and Monica Harrington because they have proven they are willing to ask the hard questions and seek the information needed to answer them.

There would be no contested races for the San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 commissioner positions without these three highly qualified candidates already asking questions. Their willingness to seek the information necessary for answers, and thus solutions, is admirable in these volunteer positions.

Delivering health care locally is a challenge – medicine is always changing, the complexity can be daunting. If answers were easy and the issues simple, we all could endorse the status quo and ignore this race. It’s not that way however. We need public hospital district commissioners to make sure the tax dollars being spent work as intended.

The public hospital district was formed to ensure affordable, comprehensive medical services could be available to all islanders and visitors as much as reasonably and legally possible. That is still the goal. It’s the reason I want hospital district commissioners who have already shown their willingness to ask the hard questions and seek the information necessary to answer those questions.

I urge your support for Barbara Sharp, Bill Williams and Monica Harrington.

David L. Zeretzke

San Juan Island