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Unsung heroes | Letter

I’m guessing that the letter written by the unnamed and undocumented Friday Harbor High School student in the Feb. 1 Journal touched hearts on several levels.

The immigration debate aside, one sentence he/she wrote particularly impressed me: “As a child, you don’t realize everything that your parents have sacrificed for you until you question why they push you as much as they do to succeed in life.”

I have to believe that the three new Eagle Scouts in Friday Harbor and every Wolverine athlete would say exactly the same thing.

“Thank you” are two words not spoken often enough. So on behalf of the children in our community, thank you, parents, for often working two jobs to put food on the table. Thank you for sitting in a cold car until my sporting event was over. Thank you for not giving up on me when I resisted you every possible way. And thank you especially for putting in the time to make a difference. You are my hero and the unsung heroes in our community.

Mike Buettell

San Juan Island