Unfortunate encounter| Letter

Unfortunate encounter| Letter

Our new manager was shopping in town with her husband recently. In the parking lot of the store, they were verbally accosted by an island resident due to their vehicle license plates showing they were from Texas. The women started with “Texas huh?” Their accuser was “deeply bothered by their presence.” They were rudely informed that “they hadn’t listened,” the islands were “closed,” and that they weren’t welcomed here. That they “were not supposed to be here.”

Our new manager and her husband arrived in late March, they quarantined for 14 days and they have not left the island. They live here full time, they work here, they are now part of this community but they feel far from welcomed.

It is sad that all the women had to do was ask a question or two and she would have learned our mangers story and met the nicest new couple on the island. I know everyone is hoping a cure, or vaccine will soon be developed for COVID-19. Maybe next there could be something to help ignorance and rudeness.

Erik Nelson, Owner

Snug Harbor Resort on San Juan Island