Transition is difficult and challenging

Transition is difficult and challenging

Transition for us humans is often both difficult and challenging. We find this to be true even when the experience of transition is driven by plans we, ourselves, make. However, living through transitions where the conditions driving the change are outside our initiation and control brings with it an entirely different ocean of difficulties and challenges not to mention aggravations and fear.

To navigate through these times requires real and consistent leadership. It requires representation for the islands by individuals who do not fear standing out and who do not fear facing up to the realities challenging our tourist-driven economy and the safe-haven(s) we islanders call home.

With the county elections looming we islanders have the opportunity to control and drive changes in the make up our county council. This regular call to the ballot box means we can choose representation that not only speaks for all islanders but also acts for all Islanders. Someone with history on the islands, someone with the courage to face down the challenges and provide information and leadership than can be understood and believed in.

The above description fits Michael Durland. One of the fresh faces which I believe can bring a difference to the political agenda(s) in San Juan County. A vote for Durland is a vote for courage, a vote for equality, a vote for action and a vote for a balanced Council in the San Juans.

Robert Boyd