Traffic trouble on Tucker | Letter

Am I the only local with serious misgivings regarding the wisdom of routing bicycle traffic on the Tucker Avenue hill into the two regular traffic lanes? This newly refurbished 250 yards of roadway is the narrowest stretch between the high school and the Roche Harbor Airport. It is a “choke point.” Imagine gaggles of summertime bicycle-mounted tourists, many physically out of shape and some trailing the entire family, huffing and grunting up the hill while a growing line of impatient drivers forms behind. What could go wrong? Consider, too, that there are no signs alerting cyclists when the invitation to mix it up with vehicular traffic is over and it’s time for them to get far over to the right shoulder where they properly belong. The design of this bit of road is an embarrassment. But it is what it is and, given that, would it not be a far safer solution to require the bicyclists to dismount and briefly use the sidewalk?

Craig Green

Friday Harbor