Town gets false credit for ‘contribution’, but bigger worries surround ballfields | Letters

First off… how many readers were mislead then annoyed by the story headline “Town contributes $10k to ballfields (the print Journal, Wed., Dec. 31, 2014, pg. 3)?

Upon reading the article you find that the town has not given any money to the ballfields, but has donated funds “to cover the cost of a portion of the construction of a sidewalk,” a condition required by the town.

In addition, as a longtime fan and supported of Island Rec, I was dismayed by the information (assuming it is correct), that when completed, IR and the school district will enter into a maintenance and operation agreement with costs being covered by a possible levy increase.

Having been involved briefly with this project many years ago through the IR Trails Committee, my understanding then was that IR committed to building the playground, a considerable expense.

I realize that IR and the school district have gotten more intwined these past years with school sports funding, so understand their role has expanded.

But I am now questioning and perhaps others are also, the need and expense of all these new fields with our school population shrinking, and playing fields already existing at the schools, and another levy request in our future.

Cinda Pierce/Friday Harbor