These candidates will address issues face-on | Letters

What’s on my mind? The upcoming hospital district vote. I hope it is on the minds of my local friends and island neighbors.

I am voting for Barbara Sharp, Monica Harrington and Bill Williams, not because I dislike the other candidates and not just because I disagree with many of their positions on a variety of issues. I am voting this way because there is a rift in the community over the hospital’s financial and health care delivery policies and distrust over future EMS funding–issues that are in dire need of mending.

I believe these candidates will speak for the majority of islanders. They are each unquestionably skilled and dedicated to high quality and sustainable health care delivery and emergency services for everyone in the community – rich, working class and poor. I mean, come on, aren’t we all?

The fundamental difference between the candidates as I see it, is that Barbara, Bill and Monica are willing to admit that some things need fixing. We all know some things need fixing. What we don’t need is denial of the continuing problems and more fancy brochures and testimonials telling us how wonderful the new hospital is.

Unless the members of the hospital district board are willing to address, face-on, the problems being raised by the community–rather than doggedly asserting that everything is fine (and that we should be thankful) for the hospital, and using scare tactics around EMS, we won’t mend this rift.

That’s how I see it. Please become informed and vote, either way, on this important issue.

Sandy Strehlou

Friday Harbor