The perfect county council member

It has interesting to see the candidates for our non-partisan county council. I look forward to hearing more about their platforms.

Here’s what I’m looking for in a council representative.

Someone who understands budgets or has a trusted advisor to analyze and advise on proposed budgets. Proposed budgets are often a wish list for the perfect. Before approving budget items, council members should consider the damage that bloated budgets can do to local businesses and taxpayers.

It’s vital that each council member makes every council meeting effective. Don’t be a rubber stamp! Come prepared. Take time to read all material in preparation. Give constructive suggestions and stick to county issues. Don’t waste time and energy passing useless resolutions that have to do with foreign wars or fall for the latest fads in regulations that curtail property rights.

I want council members who pay close attention when voting on land and tax issues. ALWAYS keep in mind and protect the Fourth Amendment property rights of citizens. Consider the damage that well-meaning climate change legislation can do to small farms and how it makes private property ownership more difficult.

Economic development is something our county desperately needs. We suffered many business closures during the Covid lockdowns. A good council person will be an advocate for business. Ideal council members should lobby state and federal politicians on the ferry system and topics that concern our county. They should understand how state representatives can assist in business development or improvement of our infrastructure.

Human Services are important. Council members must have a clear understanding of the needs of our community. When financing human services, consider how to assist without making people dependent on government. Government should provide help that allows people to achieve the dignity of becoming independent again.

Most of all, a good council member will stay in touch with constituents. Keep regular office hours. Hold frequent public meetings on each island and report to constituents. Listen to concerns. Answer questions. Effective council members know they represent all the county residents, even those who didn’t vote for them.

Minnie Kynch,

San Juan Island