The flags new baggage | Letter

In the past, when I saw the US flag flying at someone’s home, I knew that the person flying the flag was a proud believer in our United States, our Constitution and our democracy. Since January 6th, however, having seen that sacred symbol of our democracy desecrated with Trumps face across the red and white stripes and all the other iterations, being used to batter the Capitol and its defenders, I am reticent to display the flag, since it seems that more Maga believers that true patriots are flying the flag. Our flag has been sullied. My friend called me a few weeks back to ask me if I had a red necktie, which I do not.

He said, “I took my red tie out of the closet and threw it in the garbage. I will never again wear one.”These are only symbols of what we are in danger of losing and the cause. I propose, then, that when we fly our flag, we also tie a blue ribbon to the top to signify that we are not believers in Trump’s anti-democratic agenda, and that we are staunchly standing up for the Democratic way of life and government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” We can show our strength and belief in DEMOCRACY, and silently show our numbers and strength. Get a blue ribbon, and fly OUR flag!

Detlef Wieck,

San Juan Island