Thanks from Michael Durland | Letter

I ran for County Council District 2 Orcas because I feel that the current Council is not in touch with the wishes of the citizens of San Juan County. I ran on a platform to bring accountability and responsiveness to local government. I want to thank all who agreed with me and voted for new leadership. I felt both excited and humbled with your support, excited as I talked with many others who want the same changes I stood for and humbled that you would put your confidence in me to achieve those changes.

The field is now narrowed down to two candidates. I wholeheartedly support Cindy Wolf for Council and encourage all of you to vote for her. I feel strongly that if Cindy Wolf is elected she will continue the push for accountability and responsiveness which has been lacking the last eight years. Cindy has the knowledge and fortitude to make a difference. She will not only listen to your concerns but will address them. In these challenging times, Cindy will be the one to step up and make the difficult choices necessary for the good of the environment, the local economy, and public health. She will do what is right for all of us who live here. I urge you to vote for Cindy Wolf for County Council District 2.

Michael Durland

Orcas Island