Thanks for community celebration| Letter

We want to give a special thank you to the 100-plus volunteers who pitched in to make this wonderful Community Thanksgiving Dinner happen.

Sometimes there were a dozen people in the kitchen mashing potatoes, chopping salad, stirring gravy or washing pots. Out in the dining room another bunch of volunteers served the food, drinks and dessert, cleared tables, and refilled coffee cups.

In order to conserve kitchen space, the “potato boilers” braved the wind, cold and rain outside.

Just like a big family dinner there’s always another chore to be done at the Community Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone pitched in to help. The teamwork was phenomenal. Of course this is all made possible by the generous support from King’s Market, Islander’s Insurance, and our multitude of service organizations.

Additionally, having a location to gather is essential. In the early years we were able to use the Grange building and everyone enjoyed the “homey” atmosphere. As the number of diners grew, we were fortunate to be welcomed by the Mullis Community Center. A special thanks to both locations for your many years of support.

It is very satisfying to look around the dining room and witness the smiles as people reconnect with old friends or make new friends. There is nothing like sharing food to bring people together.

It is the sense of community that makes San Juan Island special. Thank you San Juan Island.

Jim and Minnie Knych

San Juan Island